Bitcoin Pizza Day – May 22

May 22, 2010 was the day software developer Laszlo Hanyecz agreed to pay 10,000 Bitcoins for two delivered Papa John’s pizzas.

Call that a waste of money, now that BTC is worth over $8,000?

Not really. Instead buy this man a drink for being the first person to use BTC as a payment. Even though it was pizza worth around $41.00 at that time, it is considered the first truly successful use of BTC. It is a medium of exchange and electronic payment system after all. This proved the use case for it. Now today it is much different of course, because BTC has become many times more valuable with a larger market cap.

Laszlo was no idiot who wasted away his BTC. He is actually one of the original volunteer developers who helped in the early days of Bitcoin. He got rewarded with BTC, and he probably should still have some around. 10,000 BTC today will probably set you for life. In the significance of the moment, what Laszlo did was actually quite bold. He used BTC in a real world situation, even if it was just to buy pizza.

Since then, BTC has had a bad rap from mainstream finance people e.g. Jamie Dimon, Warren Buffet. They associate it as “rat poison” with no instrinsic value used by criminals for illegal transactions i.e. The Silkroad. Then again this argument falls apart when you point out that cash is the most used currency for illegal transactions, which cannot be easily traced while BTC can be traced on the blockchain (transparency). The drug deal on the corner is most likely done with the use of cash rather than BTC. Perhaps Jamie Dimon has come around because he sees the potential for the blockchain rather than Bitcoin itself. Mr. Buffet though, has not, but we are talking about a successful investor in the tradtional finance economy. Today it is a different story with how our economy is transforming digitally.

Today BTC is used more as a store of value, like gold. It can also be used to transfer value across borders, pay for retail items e.g. Overstock accepts BTC and lock into a deposit as a digital asset for loans or future payments. There are new non-mainstream financial instruments that allow holders to use their BTC to make investments into funding projects, donations and even pension funds. More new services will surely come as financial giants enter the cryptocurrency space.

Pizza is great comfort food. When you know you can buy it with cryptocurrency, it just gives a better feeling of what is to come as it evolves. For now if you have 10,000 BTC, HODL it. With that much BTC, you can buy pizza anytime for the rest of your life.

Note: This opinion piece are thoughts about Bitcoin and is not meant to be financial advice. Do your own research always.

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