Hackathon with blockchain technology in Davao City – BLOCKATHON

The first Hackathon with blockchain technology in Davao City! Form a team of 3-5 people!


Blockathon is a 24-hour hackathon for developing ideas into solutions using blockchain technology. In this entire weekend, you will brainstorm, build, program and test your own blockchain innovation project. Build a team now of programmer, marketer, business development and sales enthusiast, and designer, and bring your idea to life. You’ll have a two full-day of hustling, learning from mentors, networking and preparing to pitch your awesome idea!


Create a team of 3-5. A good team has a good mix of expertise in programming, marketing or sales and design.


Blockathon will be at the Kadena Hub, Mabini St. corner Araullo St., Davao City

What is the minimum output expected over the weekend?

The hackathon will require each team to come up with at least a working prototype of their application/solution/idea. No need for full code. Each team is expected to show what their solution is about and how it works, and how they plan to market it.

What you should bring?

Other gadgets like charging cables, flash drives, external monitors or other technology you may need for the weekend
Extra clothes, toothbrush and other necessary toiletries.

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